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Resolution ... Dynamic range ... Freedom from noise ... Precise impedance ...

Transparent's careful cable and connector design, precision assembly, and legendary build quality ensure accurate, lasting performance for all types of digital audio applications.

Every Transparent Digital Audio Cable qualifies for The Transparent Upgrade Program: buy cables now that match your budget and move up to higher-performing cables at any time in the future while protecting your investment.

Are you new to Transparent? Try a Transparent USB or Digital Cable to see what everyone has been talking about all these years. Add Transparent to the rest of your system and get closer to the music one link at a time.



Transparent USB Cables accurately transfer the full richness and dynamic range of the music stored on your computer or media server. Multiple shields, custom gold-plated USB connectors, precision termination techniques, and large gauge conductors place Transparent's USB Cables far ahead of competing designs.


Transparent 75-Ohm Digital Links deliver high value at every level of performance. Quiet extruded dielectrics enclose heavy, polished solid-core center conductors and high coverage multiple shields. Custom coaxial RCAs make 360-degree contact to maintain precise impedance and thus reduce jitter.


The perennial choice of recording and mastering professionals, Transparent Premium AES/EBU 110-Ohm Digital Link is a super-quiet balanced cable that delivers consistent results with durable construction. Precision extruded foam Teflon dielectric covers each heavy, polished solid-core OFHC center conductor. Triple shields reject noise. The cables are terminated with Neutrik XLRs with gold contacts.


Transparent Toslink accurately transfers high speed optical signals to provide a more richly detailed and textured musical experience. The custom machined metal housing around the Toslink connector protects the termination by providing proper strain relief and support.