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Give yourself twice the pleasure: Enjoy Transparent's legendary sound while earning the satisfaction of crafting your own cables by hand. Transparent's DIY Speaker Cables can be built in shorter lengths, for use within a room to link amplifier(s) and speakers, or they can serve in a hidden installation with home theater and home entertainment systems to bring music and soundtracks from a remote amplifier location. Transparent DIY cables are custom-stranded with OFHC copper, UL approved, and are available in three gauges: 10, 12 and 14 AWG.


+About Transparent Inwall Cables
  • Transparent High Performance Speaker Cables are available in three gauges: 10, 12, and 14 AWG.

    Wire gauge has a significant effect on quality signal transmission over distances. The lower the gauge number, the greater the amount of copper in a signal-carrying member. (For example, 10AWG cable has more copper and can carry more current than 12AWG.) This chart explains our recommendations. With high powered amplifiers, using the largest gauge cable possible for even short lengths will provide better results.

    Transparent High Performance Speaker Cables deliver the utmost in performance at every level of investment, through careful design features such as twisted-pair geometry, high-quality outer jackets, and innovative strand/conductor technology.

    Transparent High Performance Speaker Cables provide far more performance and reliability than typical cables pulled off a spool. As with all Transparent products, attention to every detail of construction and materials results in a product that stands above the rest.
    Transparent High Performance Speaker Cables come in pre-cut continuous lengths from 10 feet up to 100 feet, ready for you to trim and terminate to fit exactly in your music or theater system. Each pre-cut length comes with a complete kit to terminate a pair of cables to Transparent's standards. Transparent recommends soldered terminations for best performance and reliability.
+About Transparent Transparent Brick Networks
  • You can create a true high end component now or later by adding Brick Networks to your High Performance Speaker Cables. Brick Networks help your cables to transfer low frequency energy more efficiently and reduce noise for cleaner, clearer, more dimensional sound. The Brick Networks are special filter circuits that share the same technology and high level of craftsmanship as the modules that are crafted onto our regular speaker cables.

    Bricks are easy to hook up on properly terminated speaker cables. All Brick Networks come equipped with binding post connection terminals on the speaker cable end and factory terminated connector tails on the speaker end.


High Performance DIY Cable is ideal for connecting any amplifier and speaker combination. Use High Performance Cable to build short runs inside the home entertainment room, or make extensive inwall installations with confidence.


Installation kits provide our recommended spade connectors, plus boots and solder to make a professional termination. Banana and BFA connectors are also available.