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Transparent PowerIsolator Technology trickles down to all levels of Transparent power conditioning: it optimizes power factor to shut the door on noise, while it provides unlimited current and fights the power factor distortion so often present in other power conditioners. Transparent's surge protection is built with avalanche diodes to provide instantaneous protection for all types of music and film systems, and it never wears out.

Transparent PowerBank and PowerWave Power Conditioners are upgradeable to PowerIsolator Power Conditioners through authorized Transparent dealers.

"Transparent is a front line player in the world of surge protection/power conditioning . . ." - CEPro



Transparent PowerWave 8 shuts the door on noise and provides instantaneous surge protection for up to 8 components, 1 coaxial source (tuner, CATV, satellite), and 1 gigabit network source. It adds performance, great looks, and peace of mind to any quality home entertainment system.


Transparent's PowerBanks supply instantaneous surge protection and power conditoning for an entire music or film system, or for stand-alone components such as wall-mounted plasma televisions, projectors, and subwoofers.


Transparent's stand-alone protectors are the ideal solution for the vulnerable non-120V components in every music and film system. These small yet effective units prevent damaging surges from antenna, CATV, and satellite feeds, and from phone or network lines.