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Transparent Shopping Guide

From the simplest receiver based systems to basic systems consisting of audio separates, the Transparent Store has every linking solution for your music or film system. Transparent offers Performance, High Performance, and Premium level audio, digital, and HDMI cables, power cords, and power conditioners in this store. With each performance level step, Transparent offers more technology and performance. For higher performance Transparent products, please visit your Transparent dealer.


The right audio, digital, and HDMI cables, power cords, and power conditioning products can have more influence over the performance of an audio or video system than any other single component. Cables make up the longest signal path in a system, and each and every component in your system depends upon the accuracy of one or more cables to send or receive music or video information. Whether a music or video signal is analog or digital, each and every cable has it's own purpose and design to suit each application in your system. All together the cables and power conditioning are like a central nervous system that helps your system stay in balance by freeing each component to perform up to its full potential.


To reap the most benefit from your system now and to accommodate future component upgrades, Transparent recommends purchasing cables and power conditioning at the highest performance level that your budget will allow. Within the Transparent system of products you should feel free to mix and match performance levels to suit your budget. Install the highest performance Transparent products you can justify at the most critical junctures such as processors, CD players, DVD players, turntables, preamplifiers and amplifiers, and go from there.


Because everything from Transparent is upgradeable through the factory supported Transparent Upgrade Program, you can get started with Transparent on the most basic level and then experience a significant system upgrade whenever you are ready while retaining most of your original Transparent investment.


Once you select one Transparent cable, it's easy to pick the best companion Transparent Cables and Power Conditioning products for your budget during your shopping experience at the Transparent Store. Each product page in the store site has a list of companion products after the basic product description. The companion list of products work together seamlessly with the product featured on the page to help you get the best performance possible out of your system. You can freely explore more details about each companion product by clicking on each.


Transparent has a solution for you whether you start with one cable and plan to add more Transparent to your system over time or whether you decide to put together a whole Transparent linked system now. For some first hand guidance about a Transparent system plan that will work best for your budget and performance aspirations, send us an email with the subject heading "Transparent Recommendations" at transparent@transparentcable.com. In your email, provide us with the details of what you currently have in your system for components and cables. We would be delighted to get back to you immediately with some recommendations. Also feel free to call us on the phone at (207) 284-1100, or contact your local dealer for more guidance.


In other words, you can't go wrong after you get started putting together a Transparent system of cables and power conditioning products, so just go ahead and get started here!


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